Why Canvassing Works

Every day, people are bombarded with information—from their television, internet, radio and more. It can be hard for people to get outside their own "information bubbles" resulting in more polarization, and fewer people getting directly involved in today's important decisions. So how do we get people to engage on an issue that matters?

By canvassing, we can meet people where they're at—at their doors or on the street. Most people already agree with us on the issues, whether it’s stopping global warming, protecting wildlife from plastic pollution, or getting big money out of politics. And many more will agree with us once they've been educated about the problem and the solution. But unless we reach out and talk to people, they might not have the opportunity to learn about these important issues and take action for a cause they believe in.

When a canvasser gets someone to sign up or donate to a campaign, it means that person has put his or her name or money on the line for what we’re working for. And as more and more people do that for an organization, it builds the power of that group, and gives them resources they need to be effective for the long term.

We think there is nothing more powerful than a face-to-face conversation. It’s an opportunity to educate people on important issues and give them the chance to take meaningful action. Thousands of informed people making their voices heard is the kind of people power that makes real change happen. That's why we canvass.

“Change won’t come from the top... Change will come from a mobilized grassroots.”

— President Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father