About Fund For The Public Interest

Who we are

Fund for the Public Interest is a national non-profit organization that runs campaigns for America’s leading environmental and public interest organizations. We launched the Fund in 1982 to help find ways to engage people on the most pressing problems of our day and turn that support into solutions. Now, we run the nation’s largest and most effective canvassing and telephone membership operation. Our canvassers and callers talk to people one-on-one, and through those interactions, help make thousands, and sometimes even millions of people’s voices heard through petitions, emails, small donations and meetings. That’s people power, and that’s what it takes to make a difference for the environment, our democracy and more.

Who we work with

We work alongside groups that speak to a need for a new kind of politics and believe in the power of bringing people together to call for change — such as Environment America, U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG), Fair Share, National Environmental Law Center and Environmental Action.

Environment America is a policy and action group with one mission: to work for a greener, healthier world with clean air, clean water and clean energy. Whether it’s promoting policies that result in more solar and wind power, or working for better protections for our rivers, streams, lakes and drinking water, Environment America challenges all of us to put the environment first.

U.S. PIRG is a non-partisan consumer advocacy group that works on issues that we shouldn't tolerate in this day and age. From reducing the overuse of antibiotics in the food industry to defending consumer protections on Wall Street, U.S. PIRG doesn't see issues as liberal or conservative — it works on important issues to make the lives of people in states across the country healthier, safer and more secure.

Each of the groups we work alongside shares a vision that conversations can truly change the world. Learn more about who we work with.

Our team

Whether you’re a canvass director, field manager or canvasser, you’re an integral part of a group committed to building a strong campaign to win on the real challenges and problems we face.

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Adam Rothschild
National Canvass Director

Adam serves as the national canvass director for Fund for the Public Interest and has 10 years of experience managing staff and fundraising. Under Adam’s direction, the Fund’s canvass offices have raised more than $10 million every year for campaigns for the environment, public interest, and equal rights. Adam also oversees the hiring and training of more than 2,000 staff each year.

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Colleen Heider
Assistant National Canvass Director

Colleen got her start as an assistant director in the Los Angeles canvass office in 2008 after graduating from the University of Portland where she studied Biology. She directed offices in California and was a regional administrator before becoming regional director for the California and Oregon canvass offices in 2011. She is now the Fund's assistant national canvass director. Since her start with the Fund, Colleen has overseen over 15 different offices that have raised over $6 million for social change campaigns.

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Annie Gibbons
Regional Director

Annie studied political science and community health at Montana State University. In 2013, after moving to Oregon, Annie started canvassing in the Portland office. Starting as a field manager on campaigns to lower the high cost of healthcare and label GMOs in Oregon, Annie became a canvass director in the summer of 2014. Since then, Annie has run the Portland and Eugene, Oregon, offices as well as the Washington, D.C., office. She has worked on campaigns to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics, protect old growth forest around Crater Lake National Park, ban foam cups and take-out containers and defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Annie currently lives in Washington, D.C., and oversees our offices in the mid-Atlantic region and the state of Texas.

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Emily Reid
Regional Director

Emily went to Bennington College in Vermont. She joined the Fund in 2011 as a canvass director, and directed offices in California and Massachusetts. Emily most recently ran our Amherst, Massachusetts, office, and then became a regional director in 2015. The offices Emily has overseen fundraised more than $3 million.

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Dyani Chapman
Regional Director

Dyani graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Biology with a behavior specialization. She began directing a canvass office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2016. She directed a canvass office in Denver, Colorado, the following year. She has worked on campaigns to defend our bedrock environmental protections, save our bees, preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics, and ban single use foam containers. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, and oversees our offices on the west coast.

“You will develop your communication skills in a way you never thought you would. You learn how to discuss issues with people coming from all different types of backgrounds. You learn how to be concise and to the point.”

— Violet Lingenfelter, Northeastern University

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