Our Impact

People power for the win

Together with our non-profit partners, Fund for the Public Interest has a proven track record of success. Here are just two examples of the countless results we've helped win:

U.S. PIRG & the Fund: Saving the effectiveness of antibiotics

We rely on antibiotics to treat infections, but misuse and overuse of these life-saving medicines is breeding antibiotic-resistant "superbugs"—which now kill more than 23,000 people every year and make millions more sick. The biggest offender? Factory farms that use them on livestock and poultry. So, U.S. PIRG began calling on the restaurants that buy from factory farms to stop serving meat raised on routine antibiotics.

After U.S. PIRG enlisted the Fund to build consumer support, we talked to more than 940,000 people and gathered more than 100,000 signatures to show restaurants the huge amount of support for protecting antibiotics. In early 2015, we helped convince McDonald’s to stop serving chicken raised on routine antibiotics, and just a few months later, we convinced Subway to make a commitment for all types of meat. Most recently, we convinced KFC to stop serving chicken raised on routine antibiotics by 2018.

Now we’re calling on more restaurants to do the same. We’re helping U.S. PIRG move the marketplace, and with your help, we could see an industry-wide change.

Environment America & the Fund: Standing up for solar in the states

Millions of Americans want to go solar to repower our lives and our communities with clean, renewable energy—but some utilities and the fossil fuel industry are trying to throw new obstacles in the way. That’s why Environment America took action to defend the pro-solar policies that have made solar cheaper and easier to install, and to convince more states to enact them.

Environment America called on the Fund to go door-to-door to build the support needed to stand up for solar. We held thousands of conversations with people across the country, and they joined us in calling on our leaders to support bringing more solar power to our communities.

We’ve helped win pro-solar policies in more than a dozen states now, from Arizona to Massachusetts. And our hard work is paying off: Solar power is booming across the country, as the United States now generates 43 times more energy from the sun than we did just 10 years ago.

“The Fund helped us reach hundreds of thousands of people about the need to protect clean water. Their work was integral in passing the Clean Water Rule that protects drinking water for 117 million Americans and defending the rule against numerous polluter-driven attacks.”

— John Rumpler, Clean Water Program Director, Environment America