What does a Telephone Outreach Caller do?

As a caller with Fund for the Public Interest, you’ll provide campaign and fundraising support for some of the nation’s leading environmental and public interest non-profit groups. Through our Telephone Outreach Project, we work to create a sense of urgency and passion about the issues, and in the process, educate and mobilize thousands of citizen supporters across the country for our campaigns.

What’s the training like?

Throughout the year, new and experienced callers will participate in advanced trainings on the issues, campaign strategies and tactics, and on calling skills.

Is calling hard?

Calling can be challenging, but it’s something that you get better and better at. We’ve been running telephone outreach offices for quite some time now, so we’ll make sure you learn the skills you need to be successful.

How do we decide which groups, which campaigns?

We work on the campaigns and the issues that we think are the most pressing, and present the best opportunity for our callers to make the biggest difference.

Where would I be working?

Fund for the Public Interest runs call centers in three cities across the country: Boston, Mass., Portland, Ore., and Sacramento, Calif.

Compensation and Benefits

Telephone Outreach Callers can earn between $9 and $15 an hour, depending on the position.

Things to know when you apply

Fund for the Public Interest has a vision of a better future, a set of core values, and a strategic approach to making positive change. Click here for things you should know about our organization when you apply.

COVID-19: We take COVID-19 safety very seriously. Employees must follow our COVID safety protocols and be fully vaccinated and boostered. Accommodations are provided to the extent required by law.

Fund for the Public Interest is an equal opportunity employer.

Change takes people power, and people power starts with you.

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