Our COVID-19 safety policy

Safety is our top priority, and we’ve adapted our operation to protect our staff and the public. Here are some of the precautions we’re taking (subject to change as circumstances evolve):

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and notify your director.
  • Spending work time outside as much as possible.
  • Maintaining 6’ social distancing as much as possible (other than cars and elevators).
  • Keeping your mask on, covering your mouth and nose, when indoors, when in shared transportation, when outdoors and cannot maintain at least 6’ social distancing, and when talking to supporters in communities. We provide our staff with high safety masks such as KN95/N95s as needed.

Getting vaccinated (including a booster shot) and following safety requirements and guidelines are requirements of the job. Accommodations and exceptions are provided to the extent required by applicable laws.